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Release of the far west ocean Release of the far west ocean

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The musicality of this is quite nice. Certain elements though need a little work. Some of your "instruments" need a little work. Your bass-line sound began to hurt my ears a bit. Maybe choose a different plugin for that one. Also your lead at the chorus-sort-of-part was slightly nerve-racking as well. In summary, the musical technicality was well done; chords were put together well and the melodies were great. Just work on improving at creating plugins that aren't so harsh.

Misshapen Dream Misshapen Dream

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Definitely not a sound I have heard before; this is a good thing. I'm loving the string pads every now and then. This would fit perfectly with some kind of dream sequence. Needless to say, i like this alot. I finished Invention, so if you would like to hear it, hit me up with an It sounds much better.

I'm not sure i would characterize this one as trance...maybe industrial? or ambient?

Peace Z3ta

DistortionResonance responds:

I know that it;s not really Trance maybe IDM. Thanks for the opinion I will see about checking out your stuff if my bud hasn't yet.

PoTc Remix PoTc Remix

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Nicely done overall. I too have done a remix.....way before you did. lol. Back in April to be exact. I didn't think anyone else had the guts to do potc. lol. Nice job, this is way different than mine. I love the guitar lead. The beat gets a little old, but mine does too, so i'll give you that. Congrats on doing this mix, it is somewhat original, although it IS a remix.

Check my mix out.
Dj Enthalpy

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The Night Takes Us Away (Inc.) The Night Takes Us Away (Inc.)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice.

Thanks for the review....but you reviewed an old song of mine, i have improved a bit. Please head on back there and check out my newest. (Thermal Decision) and maybe entropycal.

This is a very interesting piece. I love the beginning. The harmonizing melody was fantastic. But then the melody disappears, and i was left with the same two notes over and over. lol. You could definitely add more to that. Your clap synth sounds a bit lame, like all FL claps do. I suggest going and importing a wav clap from the net into your song, it would help alot. Guitar synth??? Hmmm....I think a better lead could be used, but it was very different, which is often times good. Work on a little more variety/diversity in your lead synth throughout. And MORE MELODY! Good work, and don't forget to check out my stuff that is actually ANY good.

DJ Enthalpy -.-\\

DjLightning responds:

Well, for my remarks about the song: Is it says in the song, its still incomplete (embarrasingly enough for me, ive been grounded from making music, and i cant work on it till then), besides the fact, i should be able to afford a synth soon, and im gonna start makin better stuff. Your stuff seemed a little repetitive: if ur gonna have a repetitive song, u want a beat going. also, they need to go somewhere. My friend and i did this remix of Shivers by armin van buuren, but the only reason we could do a good job was because of the samples that we could work with.

Like ur stuff, wanna know if:
#1: Wut program do you use
#2: r u still 16; if ur 17, then we share much in common ;)
#3: would u be interested in maybe partnering up

-i dont have a leble yet, but expect one soon...
DJ Lightning @

Destructed Chimes Destructed Chimes

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


You definitely have your own sound.This really held my attention. The bass was quite nice and hard. Great beats as well. You are quite talented with the drum synths. And the vox, how did you make these? (vocals) I would definitely like to know what you used for these.....FL has a crappy voice synth.....Anyways, great work, and come check out my stuff.

DJ Enthalpy -.-\\

Heavens Tears Remix Heavens Tears Remix

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Let's see....a lead synth, a pad which doesn't change, claps, a little bass, and finally a kick. The beginning needs much more. The melody lasts for quite awhile, and tends to get on my nerves. But as you said, this is a demo, so i expect it to improve. I like the change in the middle, although it is a very subtle change. All around, this just needs more....and this is definitely not trance. haha. Keep the the good work, i will expect to see a new version soon. Check me out, by the way.

DJ Enthalpy -.-\\

Joelasticot - X Joelasticot - X

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Slightly Redundant

Cool sound, the quality seems a bit low, but i suspect that is because you turned down the bitrate so you could fit this song on NG. I hate that 4000kb rule. Oh well. Anyway, there was ALOT of repeating throughout this song, i know trance is supposed to have a bit, but this could be overdone. Nice heavy bass sound throughout, but that's the problem, it never stops. Except for once, I think. The melody could actually be a bit more involved as well. Good work, and i look forward to seeing what you can do.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Holy crap man. I have been talking about doing a gunbound remix for a long time. And upon hearing your's I am glad I didn't. I could not do it this well. This is very original and very well done. You play gunbound still? If so add me on your buddy list. TKnemesis Check out some of my audio while you are at it.

Laputa (ranchanremix) Laputa (ranchanremix)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Okay, well.....this is a remix? This lacks ALOT of things. This entire project is the same throughout. The same lead, over and over and over. No diversity whatsoever. The melody is cool, but it isn't your's, if this is a remix? Add a beat, add another lead, add some effects, add something.

DjBloodyMist responds:

GO HOME AND DIE! ...(well any ways I here by ban you from using my music in any way(ya lil music geek(by the way this song was only made for my friends so any one reading this will know) soooo 8P

Final Fantasy VII Metal Remix Final Fantasy VII Metal Remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Thanks to your's and other people's review, i remixed my remix of POTC. Please go check it out. I'm not much of a FF fan, but I do love metal. And this classifies as metal, although it is done with synths, which somewhat takes away from the metal effect. Thanks again.